Northbrook Condominiums

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Who we are

We are the Northbrook Board of Managers

Our goal is to serve the community in the best way possible, manage our finances wisely, maintain our property to a high standard and most important, protect your investment. Last , but not least, we strive to make Northbrook a family community.  The board members are

Jim Wilkins -President & Maintenance Coordinator

Paul Mahoney-Vice President

Evelyn Olson -Treasurer

Ben Corjay-Clerk

Gail McElhinney-At Large

Cathy Morrison-At Large

Wilma Bybee-At Large

The board can be reached via mail at PO Box 260, Amesbury MA 01913 or via "Contact Us" page. Please refrain from using the board members personal phone #'s and email addresses so our goal of full and open communication can be attained !